Pigging out starts on October

This is what I love about birthdays….

You get to pig out because it’s free food! And of course, the fact that you get to have lots of pictures (of yourself :>) taken. 🙂 Yeah, this is October – the start of pig out season.

Well, last weekend was my brother’s birthday and so far, the most modest birthday celebration ever. However, the food wasn’t. There was so much since there weren’t any guests that night so I sort of consumed spaghetti and chicken for most of my meals that weekend. It’s a wonder how I never got tired of it.

Anyway, today, is our housekeep’s birthday. And I got to say, she’s been through alot lately. Recently lost her mum and she’s still grieving about it.  She’s been with us for more than 5 years we already consider her family. Treated her to dinner at Giligan’s this evening, and boy, the food we ordered made it seem like we were in a deep fried party. God, the cholesterol! But then birthday dinners are for pigging out so what the hell. Enjoy the food while it lasts! Oh, and we did have spaghetti during lunch (which I cooked because I insisted she bum around on her day).


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