My Stressbuster: Pumbaa <3

I was supposedly going to post something special for my 200th blog post but as it turned out, I had to use it for ranting purposes. That is why I’m making this 201st post a little bit special.


Well, I’ve been stressed with schoolwork lately and having movie marathons aren’t enough so I’m going to share my other stressbuster. Guys, I want you to meet Pumbaa.

Pumbaa is Stacy’s (bazillionth) daughter. Haha! Well, she had a sister whom I named Timon but didn’t quite make it in the first few weeks. Anyway, she’s 7 months old now and a total cutie pie. She has this growl that sounds more like a gurgle and it’s really funny. And she knows when she’s doing something wrong because she lays very flat (on her stomach) on the floor and doesn’t look you in the eye. Oh, and her hair’s almost the same color as the ground floor’s tiles.

Well, that’s a little bit of Pumbaa for you! It’s really fun to have dogs at home. They really take away the stress. 🙂

So,what’s your stressbuster?



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