Big *Sigh*

I’m feeling lost right now. I’ve got a quiz tomorrow in Statistics and I have no idea on how I’m to study for it. Sure, I scanned the powerpoint presentations that my professor posted on yahoo groups but it just doesn’t feel enough. Well, if I think about it, reviewing on powerpoint presentations never really appealed to me. Call me lame, but I still prefer the old school blackboard and chalk type of lecture. Especially if it’s a math subject.

Anyway, this half of the week’s gonna be a little bit busy. After tomorrow’s quiz, I’d have to finish writing my reflection paper for Tred, review for a quiz on my art appreciation class, then answer the problem set in dynamics and that’s all due on Friday. Then the weekend’s gonna be busy too. I have 2 lab reports to finish typing and I also have to review for two quizzes. Gahd. Talk about toxic.

All this makes me want to just watch movies all day long. *Sigh* The life of a college student. 😦

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