August 31: La Vista Highlands @ San Carlos City

Just hours after we dropped my family at the airport, my titas told us to pack up because we were going on a trip. I hadn’t made any plans for that day so I did what they said and packed a borrowed bathing suit (that’s now mine 🙂 ), a change of clothes and some towels that I grabbed from the house’s towel shelf.

I really thought that we were bringing the APV to this trip but we used the DMAX so us giants sat at the back in the open. I totally forgot to bring sunscreen or even a hat because I was so excited so I had to make use of the towels that I brought. HAHA! Well, despite the scorching heat, I enjoyed the trip going to San Carlos because the scenery was just amazing.

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I haven’t seen green in that healthy shade for a while now. Even my old school Canon Powershot A75 couldn’t dare take a blurry picture!

We stopped by ‘the lion’ to take some pictures. It was so windy here that my hair was all over the place. We ate lunch at this airy kubo restaurant. They served bisaya chicken tinola. Saraappp :> At the back of the restaurant, there were some cottages and pretty flowers around so we took a moment to take as much pictures as we can.

After we got the food settled in our stomachs (because the trip was a bit winding and I did get a little dizzy at some point), we headed on to La Vista Highlands. The view was breathtaking. While we were swimming, I think I mentioned a couple of times that I wanted to be left there. It was so quiet and peaceful. Takes your mind off of things.

Perfect place to unwind and recharge. Definitely a ‘must-come-back’ destination.


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