Missent messages

Okay so after I posted my previous post, I came about this portion of the webpage that offered starter topics for my next blog post. When I saw this question, I couldn’t help it. I remembered something funny.

Have you ever received an amusing email, text, or voicemail message not intended for you?

I remember that I was in my last year of high school and I was on my way home when I received a text message from my professor. I thought that it was some reminder about the activity that the class was preparing for but when I opened it, it wasn’t. Well it partly was. Anyway, the professor was telling the supposed receiver that he couldn’t meet (her) because he was going to school to check on the ‘kids'(that was us). Well that was the good part. The totally awkward part was the ‘I love you’ with the :* emoticon at the end of the text message. I sort of choked when I finished reading the text. It was unexpected, really.Funny even. HAHAHA! I never guessed that professor was dating someone and sending ‘kiss’ emoticons through text.

Well, what happened after reading was that I texted the professor back telling him he sent the text to the wrong person while teasing him about it. :))) Totally funny.


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