Finals Week: The Last Stretch!

One down, three more to go!

I have to study two subjects today even if I only have one test tomorrow in the afternoon. The test on Saturday would be at 10 in the morning so I wouldn’t have enough time to cram it tomorrow night because my test tomorrow ends at 4 in the afternoon.

Anyway, I just thought of stopping by and writing a little note here. I missed writing so much and I’d like to let you know that me and some of my friends started a little project of our own and I’m liking the feedback we’re getting. 🙂 It’s been on for a few days now.

On other matters, I definitely have to fix the design of this page. 😐 I could create a banner or something. And I have to read all those books that are lining on my shelf! Huhu, Henrietta Lacks, I’m not done reading about you yet! Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to my long-awaited vacation.

Pray for me that I ace the tests! Let’s go finals week, bring on what you’ve got.



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