Sitting on the sidewalk wearing a white V-neck shirt

I just found it funny that the people were giving me odd stares for sitting on the sidewalk.

Today is one of those not so great days. Besides the fact that I flunked my first quiz in Physics, I’m to juggle alot of stuff this coming month starting this week. Gahd, I have so much stuff to do and I have to make sure all of them are done with quality. Yes, I’m sort of obsessive in that aspect.

Anyway, I’m hunting down this professor because I need to hand him a letter from BG and I need to find him tomorrow without being late for my Differential Equations class. How am I to do it? I don’t know but I’ll find a way. Then, I have to actually plan for August 6 and my date with Penny (because she enthusiastically volunteered to help months ago) is… well, I don’t know. I think we better plan this thing online because we can’t actually meet personally, already. 😐

Also, I have three quizzes lined up from Thursday this week until Thursday next week. So I haveΒ to study! But there’s a catch. This weekend, I have BG pictorial in the morning of Saturday and a play to watch in the afternoon. Then on Sunday, the family’s going to watch Cinemalaya. Hectic, I know. I’m kind of lucky at this moment that I squeezed this post in. I still have to shave my legs, read homework and then study for Physics(I’m trying to repent that way).

So what is it with the title? (I almost forgot. hehe) Well, on my way home, I stopped by this Taiwanese restaurant to ask about their little ‘VIP’ room, and all. Mom and I were supposed to go together but she took so long so I did all the asking myself. When I was done, I received a call for Mom saying she just got off a meeting. We agreed, instead, that she pick me up down the block just around that 7-11 shop on the corner but I buy her food first. So I did. But I couldn’t stay at 7-11 because all their seats were occupied so I went outside and found this ledge on the sidewalk. It was pretty high and a bit far from where cars pass(the road, duh) so I sat there. And waited. And waited. And people and students just passed by me giving me odd stares. What? I was waiting for mom alright, and my feet were killing me. Wala lang.Β I just found it funny that the people were giving me odd stares for sitting on the sidewalk. Just so you know, I stared back too and I bet that the old man who caught me staring back kind of flinched. HAHAHA!

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