It’s a PINK week

Pink has been the theme color of this week. And in honor of the color of the week, I am writing this post in pink, too.

Well, what were pink this week, you say? Here’s an outline of how pink my week was.

  1. I wore pink from Monday to Wednesday and today,shoes and underwear included. 
  2. I saw my crush wear pink today and on Thursday, which was awesome because he wears pink so well that I’m starting to believe it’s a guy’s color (even if it originally is. Yeah, it is. Read for yourself on Wiki). 
  3. My friends were having a conversation about Pink Panther over lunch today.
  4. The title of my post yesterday was ‘Her Pink Undies’
  5. I saw alot of people wearing Pink in school today.

All this PINK is making me think of having a Pink party myself. :)) Well, that I don’t know yet. Let’s just see what happens. PINK!


P.S. UAAP Game 2 tomorrow DLSU vs. ADMU. My friends and I are going to watch but we haven’t any tickets yet. We’re gong there early tomorrow to buy some. If the worst happens (which is, we don’t end up buying tickets), we’re watching Harry Potter 7 part 2!



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