The ‘Improv’ Maria Clara

So our group in KASPIL1 class decided to do film the project, that’s due tomorrow, today. Procrastinating, I know. And I’m dead tired. Had to play the role of the Gobernador Heneral’s secretary(I really don’t think it was necessary but they insisted) and Maria Clara because I was the only female in the group. 😐 And since it was a short film/ video presentation, I had to be in costume. The project was so short notice that I had to use the things I had that closely resembles Maria Clara’s Maria Clara outfit – a blouse and a long skirt (Yeah, close. Remotely close). Brought a shawl but didn’t use it for the MC character because it didn’t match the skirt. :)) The costume was so not me. :)) Gahd, it feels like high school again.

In other news, attended BG General meeting. Exciting seminar on August. Have new comers. Everybody’s on probi. Yeah, I think that should keep everybody (especially me) on their toes.



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