This is what I should have been writing when I was in High School. Ha!

Dear Diary,

I feel like some teenage girl who isn’t going into adulthood in less than 3 weeks. I saw my crush more than a few times today and I currently look like an idiot because I’m smiling in front of my computer. Can’t shake off the kilig factor up to now. :”>

Moreover, I have a major quiz in Differential Equations tomorrow and I haven’t continued the assignment that comes along with it that’s due tomorrow. I have alot of stuff on my mind right now that I couldn’t dare write about yet because I’m so busy since it’s midterms week a.k.a Hell Week.

As much as I want to tell you what happened today, which was quite fantastic, I can’t. But I will after some time.

Love lots,



I never saw the day that I would actually be writing like this on my blog. Haha! Dear Diary Mush.


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