I trip alot nowadays

I almost died of worry that I might be late for my first class today, which was unfortunately physics, to find out 30 minutes after I got to class that the professor didn’t show up. Once again, for the fifth time, we didn’t have physics class! I know that you think I must be crazy ranting about this and I must be rejoicing but I can’t. Well, besides the fact that my dad’s paying for my tuition and every free-cut is a loss on his part, I’m getting behind class. It’s not that I don’t come to class or don’t pay attention. I do the exact opposite. I come to class and I listen but I sure as hell do not understand anything that he’s teaching us. I still don’t know what’s the deal with that professor of why I don’t understand any of the lessons. I’m still deciding whether its the droning, monotonous voice, or the very disorganized derivations on the board. I say derivations because I can count the actual ‘solutions’ we’ve done in class. It’s less than 5. Really. This is the first physics class in  my whole academic life that has more theoretical discussions than application problem solving. Yeah, you can say I’m totally bitching out right now but I’m the type who’s very particular with how a professor utilizes the blackboard. I like it best when solutions(even derivations) are written from left to right, divided into thick columns. That’s how OC I can get when I listen to class. Haha!

Anyway, it was sort of a quiet day for me. My classmate in all subjects still didn’t show up today. Still sick, I think. Though, it was pleasant that Justin, his girlfriend and her bestfriend sat with me during my vacant hour. They successfully lured me off the Differential Equation Problem Sets! Thank you!

So the funny funny part of today happened when my friend and I were on our way home. We hailed a bus that just u-turned and when I was about to go up, 2 motorcycles zoomed forward as if I wasn’t there attempting to cross the road! Apparently, in the Philippines, the road is the best example of Charles Darwin’s concept of Survival of the Fittest. Anything on the road is free game (Yeah, that’s why alot of us get killed in hit-and-run accidents).There isn’t a bit of courtesy towards pedestrians. Then there are the buses. They don’t stop on the side of the road. They stop in the middle. Now who won’t get killed with that?

So after I let those to assholes in helmets zoom by, I rushed up the bus but my rushing caused me to trip and fall ungracefully on the steps. I mean, really ungracefully. My friend said I was like a rigid plank held vertically and then released to drop on the ground, loud thud included. Yeah, so none of those falls in the movies where the woman falls on her knees first then on her face and then prince charming picks her up or something. Nothing like that. What actually happened after my fall was a chuckling conductor asking me, “You fell, miss?” (Yeah, you arse, I fell and you’re just going to laugh) I could have strangled him for chuckling and not even offering a hand. But I thought better and stood up and laughed really hard. 😐 Yeah, I laugh at myself. And my friend kept laughing so hard at my fall because I was so rigid. I won’t be surprised that this incident would become this week’s entertaining story among us. Oh well, if it makes a few people happy, then I musn’t feel so bad for not strangling that conductor. 😀

I’ve finally finished that website for Programming Laboratory. Yehey! for me. I’ve got to go and do that Lit homework. 🙂



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