When you feel guilty for eating Pork Chop, DANCE!

So this was what happened after dinner…

The three of us (Mom, my bro and I) wanted to shake off that excess pork chop we had during dinner so I played this HipHop Dance Workout CD that I bought a few months ago in National Bookstore. I know, it’s like were purposely luring ourselves into having appendicitis but we took the dancing a few notches down. I still kept laughing, though.

Some of the moves that we did actually resembled what Alex, Dylan and Natalie were doing in that video clip. :))ย One of these days I’m gonna find some time to shoot actual footage of what we’re up to.

It was a great breather for me though. Spent most of the day (when my parents were gone) glued to my seat to finish my homework for Monday and Tuesday. I believe were going out tomorrow so I might come home exhausted to actually do anything else but sleep(and of course, take a shower before diving to bed).


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