One commitment at a time.

I feel really positive tonight now that I’m starting to feel that commitment I got myself into when I came to that BG interview last summer. This job I got myself into is sooo different from the job I loved to do in high school. I get to be a people-person, which is ironic considering that I am pretty shy when it comes to being around total strangers of my age. I try to make a friendly smile but when I do it again in front of a mirror, I look like I’m giving myself a bitter/ constipated look. (I’m trying that smile without teeth thing because there’s this book that says smiling too much makes you look less sincere).

Anyway, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel’s recruitment booth was really tempting this afternoon but I told myself that I must focus on this new thing I got myself into. I’ll just keep writing here for a while to keep me sane and so my love for writing won’t die. 😀 I’ll find more outlets besides authoring Alan’s text blasts regarding batch government announcements. Haha!

I might join Plaridel next year when I can finish reading a handful of books and feel like a smart-ass once again. As of now, I must experience public service so I can have another angle whenever I feel like talking crap about the government. Kidding. However, I am looking forward to a year of new experiences, screw-ups, and FUN!

Now back to work.



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