Orange Shorts, Borrowed Socks and Emo Looking T-Shirts

You can probably say that I look like an overgrown boy trying hard to be some hip-hop superstar or something. But no, I was just posing for the camera so you’d have a giggle.

Apparently, my planned outfit for the day, which was jeans, shirt and Chucks, didn’t happen because I found out that the last pair of pants on my shelf had a huge rip down the ass, my black socks hadn’t dried out and my white ones look soggy and unwearable. So I had to find what I could wear for the moment: Orange hand-me-down shorts (my dad never used them so I claimed them as my own), a black shirt that I haven’t wore in months, black socks that my yaya plucked out form my brother’s drawer, and well, my shoes.

Now that I have seen myself in this picture (as if I don’t look at the mirror), I now understand the weird looks I was getting in school today. I looked like I grew out of my clothes! Haha! Downright weird.

Anyway, I am forced to move my Friday flight to Bacolod on a Saturday because we’re having our first quiz in ENGIANA( Differential Equations) on that day. So much for the high hopes that the professor’s putting the test on Tuesday, two weeks from now. šŸ˜¦ Oh well.

I really need to restock on wardrobe and fresh socks.



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