Red Faces and Blunt Comebacks

So I really can’t get over what happened after my last class today that I have to blog it. So three of my guy friends and I were hanging out in front of Velasco building waiting for my commute buddy to come down from her last class in the other building. One of them was rushing to leave already because his commute buddy was already waiting for him on the other side of the campus. Eh, I didn’t want to be left alone for some gut feeling that I had to wait a little longer until my commute buddy actually came. So this is what part of our conversation was.

Me: Don’t leave yet!

A: Eh, but he’s already waiting for me.

Me: He can wait. (All the while, my other friend was laughing at me. We’ll name him J)

And then G butts in.

G: Yeah, I think we should stay with her for a while. She might get raped or something.

Me: Okay forget it. You guys can leave. You (pointedly looking at G) might actually be the one who’s going to rape me. (note that my face was serious the whole time)

And then G goes silent and gets all red! HAHAHA! Take that for mocking me ‘sexy’ and always picking on my arm. It’s flabby and I know it already.

Alec- 1, G- 0 😀

I think this is what happens when people throw me jokes that I can make a comeback with. It kinda sounds dirty, I know, but the look on his face was so funny I had to burst out laughing and people were giving us four funny looks but whatever. If it’s funny, it’s funny.

Now time to get my reading face on for Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Chronicle of a Death Foretold!



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