Apparently, I’m capable of shooting daggers with my eyes

One of the things I hate the most is when I’m cheated off of things especially if it’s about money. I think it’s due to the fact that my mom always pointed out the importance of valuing money even to the last centavo. She never gets tired of going through lengths just to get exact change even if it’s a quarter of a peso. In most times when she’s pulling a leg to get her change, I’d scurry off somewhere where I wouldn’t hear her lecture the cashier on how they should always be loaded with loose change as to not short change their customers. It’s one of the things that I admire about my mom, having the guts to confront people there and then (yes, I know that she’ll be reading this haha!) and it’s also one of the skills that I must hone (in the future). 🙂

However today, I allowed myself to be taken advantage of by a greasy looking, toothless conductor. He charged me 30 pesos for the ride home to Casimiro. 30 pesos student fare?! I am certain that it should only be 29. But the fact that I was standing and I was tired and the bus was so crowded made me cower and just go with it. At least he plucked out the same amount for the ticket he gave to me.

My friend and I finally got to sit when the bus passed by Buendia. I was sitting beside the window and she was in the seat next to the aisle. I don’t know what I looked like at the time but she started to wave a hand in front of me and I gave her a questioning look. She told me that I was glaring at the toothless conductor like I was about to kill him. I told her, “I don’t like that he charged us too much.”

“It was just one peso,” she said.

“It was two,” I replied. She looked at me questioningly.

“Mine and yours,”  I stated.

“Ohhh… Alright, go back to glaring daggers at him,” she replied. And then we laughed.

I know that’s it’s just a peso for me today but I’m not liking what happened. Sure, I finally know how to stare daggers at people but people like them greasy, toothless conductors won’t notice (or even understand) the big difference that extra peso makes. What if I needed that tomorrow so I could pay for photocopied notes?  A pack of tissue, perhaps? Or sanitary napkins?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, every peso counts. Period.



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