Maybe Adam wasn’t lonely after all…

So I was outside the house cleaning after the dogs and I couldn’t find the broom. Yes, the broom is an essential cleaning tool in this home of ours. I have a hunch it’s on the roof and the carpenters left it there…again. It’s been two days since I last saw that broom and I’m getting annoyed that it isn’t placed back to where it’s supposed to be –near the garden hose.

I gave up hope of finding the damned broom after a while because nobody wanted to climb the roof, so my brother was the one who ended up cleaning after the dogs with a shovel and a dustpan. I opted to feed the dogs instead and give their water bowls a refill. Well, instead of having the pail fill the water, my shorts got drenched on one side. Apparently, the garden hose has another hole in it. Bigger in fact that the flow of water in the correct hole didn’t have the same pressure as before. Now, I’m double annoyed. Can’t these workers coil the garden hose without folding it? It’s the goddamn fold that’s tearing the rubber apart! Ang tatamad! Just because it isn’t their stuff they don’t give much of a damn of not ruining it.

Earlier today I caught one of them (again) using the gas range to light up their cigarettes. Pinagsabihan ko na talaga! “Wala ka bang posporo?” I had to give him 5 pesos to go buy one. It’s infuriating that what they’re doing is annoying and destructive and costly! I can’t even tell dad because he’ll blow up on me again about being so much of a grumbler and not clean it myself. Then he’ll go threatening to stop the project (well fine! For all I care, it’s not even mine). But then I’m a good sister to my brother (because it’s gonna be his room) and I’m acting the submissive daughter so all I could do is say


And then Mom would say, “That’s why God made women”

Sparked up my silly light bulb. It made me think. Maybe the story of how Eve was created wasn’t at all just about Adam being lonely. I’d like to think that God got annoyed too with Adam being a wreck and all. Then Eve was created to fix his shit, her lifelong mission (every woman’s mission ;)). But then Eve had her issues of being gullible and Adam was an idiot for being too caught up in Eve that they both screwed up and were thrown out of Eden. So it kinda makes them even. But I still think Eve was made to do damage control. Haha!

Who run the world? Girls! – Beyonce’s Who Run The World



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