It’s the first day of school…

And there were SO many people in campus that I haven’t noticed were there when I was a frosh. So I am assuming that alot of that lot are froshies and some are upperclassmen who have gone out of their hiding HAHA!

And man, this day, in my whole academic career has been my first time to spot so many handsome faces in a day. It’s as if the campus is swarming with them.  I don’t even have an idea if I look stupid for staring but what the hell! Haha! Great day starter.

Aside from that, well, classes were so-so. Orientation and all that. But the weather was very hot! and humid, too, that by 1pm I had a headache already. Got off classes at 3 so I had an hour to waste before going home. Stayed with some of my friends who were lining up for adjustment of class schedule. Then, in an hour or so, alot of us from our block in frosh year were already hanging out at table 3 in front of Velasco Hall. T’was fun.

Pleasant first day. 🙂


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