Laughing with Toothpaste, Ranting on Laundry

I can seriously say that the best part of today was laughing hysterically at my reflection in the mirror because my belly kept blobbing while I was brushing my teeth. Mom was giving  me the ‘you’re going crazy now, right?’  look and that just increased my pitch. Here’s a part of our conversation while my mouth was still frothed up in toothpaste. (Can you believe that I could actually multi-task?)

A: What? (Mom was giving the funny look)

M: The house chores are getting to you. This is not a good sign.

A: What? This is the best and only laugh I had today. At least now I know how yaya felt. (Cue my monologue of realization) So that’s why she always looked miserable whenever I got home. So that’s why I always felt miserable this break.

Apparently, doing your family’s laundry, cleaning after your brother’s and dog’s mess and practically all other unending mess in the house can make you feel miserable. Yeah, no wonder Mom never wanted to be a house wife. No wonder why I don’t want to be one in the future. I might as well take to mind that when I get a job, I should invest in those Laundry Service companies to save me from the misery of having to hope and pray for good weather.

Just so you know, doing the laundry isn’t what’s driving me crazy. It’s the laundry itself! I mean, it’s kinda weird and freaky that I never run out of Dad’s white undershirts to wash. It’s been only a couple of days, 2 that is,  since I last washed the clothes but the number of white shirts were like quadruple. And I keep putting off washing the black apparel. Because every time I get to the point of washing them, it starts to drizzle. You know how hard it is to dry dark clothes and keep them smelling good! I need sun!

So much for ranting about the laundry. So now you see why my twitter posts can be quite melodramatic and boring, talking about the weather or commenting on a show I’m currently watching. It’s lame, I know but that big hearty laugh brought upon by myself, directed at myself sure made my day.

I’m sounding like a lunatic. 🙂



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