The Old Writer’s Block

I have to admit, I am pretty stuck with this little assignment Mom has given me for the week. I’m supposed to write this sort of article that promotes this organization that she works for. It somehow goes like that.

Yeah, so I’m kinda having a hard time because, one, I have no idea what they want this thing to look like.

Two, I haven’t written something ‘formal’ or appropriate per se in a long while. I’ve been too used to writing casually (like this) that my mad skills are sorta failing me.

Three, I’m down with Summer Fever aka Lazyness. 😦

That kinda sums up why I’m not getting a head on on this. It’s pathetic, I know. I just had to let it out. Make myself realize how humiliating this is for a kid who made time in high school to bash the things she hates in her blog. Ha!

Well, I’ll update if I get a head start. πŸ™‚



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