It’s raining hard and I like it. Happy Momma’s Day!

First of all, I wish all the Momma’s out there, a Happy Mother’s Day!

So here’s what happened today.

I woke up to the clinking of dishes downstairs this morning vaguely remembering that it was Mother’s Day today. I almost got up in a bad mood but the thought that Mother’s Day was today made me forget about being grouchy in the morning, for once. Yeah, that’s what you get when you’re low blood. Anyway, I haven’t gotten anything special for Mom so I decided to sing Happy Mother’s Day the tune of Happy Birthday while climbing down the stairs. Unfortunately though, my singing skills were never impeccable nor has it ever been ‘acceptable’ but what the hell! Anything out of the usual for the Mom.

We had breakfast together and then Dad joined us when we were halfway through, my brother never making it since he was enjoying his sleep upstairs. Seemed like a regular day, regular conversation, me verbally picking on the fact that we always had tomato omelet for breakfast. Decided to go to church in the morning because Dad wanted to see if there was a soccer game nearby. (There wasn’t. Haha!) Almost fell asleep during mass, which is, humiliating but really tempting.

It was raining when we got out of the church and Dad couldn’t decide fast enough on where we were having lunch today that it resulted to me getting pretty wet. Well, decided to eat in Town since we were practically there already. Deciding that we were dining at Shakey’s, we proceeded but then we kinda lost dad on the way. Apparently, he was somewhere within the crowd that huddled up to get a glimpse of that Pacquiao- Moseley fight. I’m pretty sure Mom was kinda put off that Dad scurried off to watch the fight before thinking of eating that my brother had duped my Dad into coming to Shakey’s saying that they had a TV airing the fight. Well, there was a TV but no Manny-Shane fight. Cunning brother.

So when Mom and my brother went into the restaurant, my Dad, momentarily forgetting the boxing fight, pulled me out to go to Shiseido to buy Mom her Mother’s Day gift. Yeah, flowers,chocolates and greeting cards aren’t the thing right now. It’s foundation and cool make-up. Yeah, so’ Mom was acting kinda cool when I passed her ‘our’ gift but I could see right through. She was practically hiding a grin in that demure ‘Thanks!’ of hers. Hah!

Lunch went through smoothly and I treated my brother out for ice cream afterwards. Then we went grocery shopping. It was siesta time and I was dead sleepy. 😦 But we got through. And it was still raining, by the way. When we arrived home and after helping out in unpacking the groceries, I went up to my room, slumped into bed and slept. Woke up to really heavy rain outside. And Lightning, of course. Then thunder. Yeah, so I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.

But I like that it’s raining this hard. Kinda makes me happy along with this Mother’s Day vibe going on. It means that summer is slowly coming to an end and then classes are so gonna be on! And then I wouldn’t spend my days thinking about doing the laundry and keeping the house intact. 🙂 Now that’s just about it.



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