Can’t stop mentally grinning :D

Okay I can’t get any more happier than this. Just got my reward from Globe for being a really good student this year! *insert huge grin here* 😀

Who would have thought that getting paged at the gate which by the way, is quite humiliating, could lead to something so sweet as this. Awesome reward for good grades! I can totally forget about that craving for a summer job when I can just live the life of a studious student and then feel the fruits of my labor every summer. Haaayyyy. 🙂 I can’t stop mentally grinning. This is so motivating me to work my ass harder this term. I must nail this! This is kinda making me look bad, isn’t it? I’m just so damned happy. 🙂

Anyway, I just arrived from that dinner ‘party’ in commemoration of Ida and Penny’s birthday. Kinda late, but who cares? It’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve all been complete. And it was one heck of a night. Sure, we failed at pulling off the ‘surprise’ that Mika had planned (and even conned the restaurant into helping us) but the two celebrants were sports so it still turned out great. 🙂 Couldn’t stop laughing with Mika and Abby. Enjoyed that really awkward moment when we all turned silent because we didn’t know what to order. Ah, I miss them already. 😦 I miss being so comfortable around people that I could just laugh my heart out and so be myself. No judgements, no prejudices.

Good Times!



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