Diving Divisoria

So I finally got out of the house after a week (or so) when my brother and I tagged along with my mom and her office colleagues to Divisoria this morning.

I haven’t gone to that place in a pretty long time, as a matter of fact. That place really is a heaven for thrifty people like me. 🙂 I totally want to go back there and have that shopping spree I was so holding back on when I was there.

I mean, it’s kinda embarrassing if I did go on a shopping spree when I was just tagging along a ‘business trip.’ They were looking for a supplier to supply them with what they need for the fun run and all that shiz for the institution’s 13th anniversary. So I think you get my point why my brother and I bought clips and a shirt when all those yummy yummy stuff (shoes, clothes and bags) were telling us to buy them.

Despite that, I had real fun walking around the place while y’know, looking for what we were looking for. The place reminded me of Down Town in Bacolod although Divisoria was a bit more crowded and smelly. But I must say that I still really need to go back for that shopping spree. Because it was sure bitin!:) Heehee!

On other news, Globe-Singtel texted me this morning telling me that the book prize was ready for pick up next week! 🙂 I am so excited. Moral booster, I say.


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