I like Starry Nights

I know the title sounds cliché and over dramatic but seriously, when and where can you see a night sky this gorgeous nowadays? If you’re living in a city, I’m sure it’d be a miracle to clearly see the stars laid out in the sky. I lived in the city once, for quite some time, so I definitely know what it’s like at night. The best stars, well, they’re mostly the streetlights if not the flashy neon lights hanging on KTV bar doors. Right now, though, in the province, where we’re currently residing, the view of the night sky is totally different.

And enjoying the view while playing a little catch with my brother totally made up my day. Even broke a sweat so I need not worry that mom’s yummy adobo would turn into another layer of stomach fat. 🙂

So when reality sets back again tomorrow, I’d be ranting about doing the laundry and how hot the weather is. Tomorrow’s laundry day BTW and washing machine and I seem to have developed a good friendship already. We’re having a great summer together, I assure you and come classes, when someone asks me how my summer was, I’d tell them, ‘I made a new friend.’



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