My Sentiment: Seton offers scholarship to kids of Sally Villanueva

I just heard from the radio a while ago (yes, I listen to the radio) that my high school alma mater was offering a full ride scholarship to the kids of Sally Villanueva, one of the three Filipinos recently executed for smuggling drugs in China.

Mike Enriquez was talking to Ms. Anne Samson, the school’s HR head, on the phone and they confirmed that it was really a full scholarship inclusive of board and lodging which I really think is cool. An opportunity like that doesn’t always come knocking on your door. I suggest they take it. 🙂

They deserve the quality service that Elizabeth Seton School brings to its students and their parents.  I can attest to that as I have been a student of that school. Their training has taught me well enough to survive my first year in college and it has continually molded me into always striving for excellence.

I remember the time when I transferred to Seton, I was culture shocked on how strict they were with their policies. Up until graduation, I never really understood why they had to be so strict on everything from punctuality up to the last detail of our uniforms. Even during school functions when you had to wear something other than your school uniform, there were policies and they were twice as strict in implementing them. It was only recently that I understood why. Apparently, now that I’m in college where I can practically wear anything I want, I still dress the way I dress even in high school. Decent. This school has taught me to dress and act appropriately to the occasion and it has done wonders.

Moreover, their curriculum is packed. I mean, really packed. (Well, except for the part that they removed Calculus in HS, which until now I’m still sad about because I never experienced what I’ve heard about it when I was still in elementary) Every lesson counts in every subject that you’re taking. And you have to do your best in all of it. The fun part is how you’re going to balance everything, leaving nothing neglected. As the saying there goes,

“There are 3 P’s in doing things:
P-Pwede na

Pulido is only accepted here (something like that, I forgot the last part)”

Now, I sound really biased because I am and I would never pass the opportunity of having another kid receive the Seton experience.



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