‘Bruise’ Story Makes Good Opening

I never imagined telling the story of my very first ‘assault’ that ended as a bruise on the thigh would make my speech interesting.  They listened and I heard a reaction out of them which is good enough for me. All I care for is a reaction. Apparently, writing down speeches really aren’t my thing because the first draft I wrote was technically thrown out the window when I started talking. I did follow some parts of the second draft but when it came to transitioning from the first idea to the nest, that was when I started to mess up. Oh well, I’ll get to reminisce once I see the video. Oh, the humiliation! Haha! Despite that slip up on the word ‘stupid,’ and a few Filipino words, I think I didn’t have too much air time. It was fun and I want to talk in  front again.

Anyway, I am, for certain, not gonna be perfect in this last quiz in Algebra. Moreover, I am terribly nervous of my Calculus test because sure as hell that I did not give my best. I was a wreck. I must make up for it some other way. Ugh, why does it have to be 4 units? I’ll be terribly bitter if I come off the charts because of this subject. 😐 I tell you, Engineering is no joke.

Work Hard, Play Hard.



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