Hello Hell Week…Again.

Just when I finally accepted the fact that I was giving that speech without any prior practice and I would have to deal with the consequences did Fate once again knock me senseless. When I was practically dying of nervousness because I was sure going to screw things up in my Speech class, our professor ditched our class once again for the nth time.

Part of me is relieved that my talk was moved ,though I still know I can’t run from it forever, but the other part is quite annoyed on the fact that it’s moved on hell week. This coming week is going to be one hell of a week. I have 2 math quizzes, another one pending, three more plates to finish in AutoCAD and my mind is already in summer mode. High School hasn’t rubbed off me yet. Hehe.

Guess I have to suffer this weekend studying and getting over stage fright. 😐


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