Apparently, dogs are attracted to me.

Now, mom and I went out walking early this morning to shake off the excess carbs we took this week and while we were talking and walking, we came across a couple of stray dogs. At first, we didn’t mind them because we knew that if we just passed them and didn’t show any sign of fear they’d leave us alone.

The first couple of dogs we passed left us alone and we continued on our way. Then we came across another one and we still didn’t mind. But while we kept on walking and talking, we noticed that the dog was following us – well, me, actually- and we couldn’t seem to lose the dog behind. Fortunately, the dog felt the need to pee and we lost him. Then we passed another dog which was bigger than the last one and seemed scarier. It seemed to be a mix breed because it didn’t look like your ordinary Askal. Anyway, the dog noticed us walking by and it went around mom and smelled my… behind. Now that was awkward. And it finally came to me why those dogs were following me. Apparently, it smelled me and it knew that I was having my period. Funny, really. I said to mom, ‘I attract dogs.’

How about you? Have you ever experienced being followed by a dog when you aren’t even provoking it?



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