This is my form of release.

Call me miserable because I am. God, I need a diversion and this is the only thing I can think of right now. All that calculus has drained me and I still feel nowhere confident in passing the test on Tuesday. I’ve been on the same spot for almost two days now and I barely got out of the house except a while ago when my brother and I played a litle football and we dropped dad somewhere to get the car that he got fixed.

I haven’t even started making my arguments for that persuasive speech that noone even knows when it’s going to happen. I swear, SPEECOM’s had more free cuts than actual classes this term.  😐

I need divine intervention. A miracle or something to make me happy. At least before hell starts to break lose again. Half the term has already passed and things are gonna get busier and much more stressful.

’til then,


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