I don’t want another HS drama. I’m in college!

Back in High School, I was never afraid to snap at anybody who pissed me off. I remember most of my blog entries during those years were rants and hate posts that included the colorful language and all that teenage angst.

I knew that at some point, I had to control the way my temper worked on people so I promised myself to stretch my patience to the maximum, now that I was entering college. As weird as it seemed, I got the feeling that the people I was going to meet weren’t as agressive as I am. More so that they didn’t take aggression well. Surely enough, I did meet them. Alot of them.

So far, my patience with them has lasted well enough. Anything related to getting pissed off were mostly with school work and my professors but that was customary. The nearest I could get to getting really annoyed with anybody ended up with me giving the cold shoulder or the dull stoic look when they cracked a really lame joke.

However, this afternoon wasn’t one of them. I do have my limitations, you know. And, I wasn’t expecting doing it anytime soon but it happened. I snapped. Well, it was something piling up for the past couple of weeks already. Apparently, I have friends who deliberately talk about stuff they don’t want me to know about, in front of me. And using codenames for that matter. Codenames! Ah, High School.

Anyway, it wasn’t the codenames that bothered me. Neither was the topic of discussion. I really didn’t care. What I did care about was having to share a proper conversation with them, which, apparently wasn’t what they wanted with me. I casually asked them who and what was it they were talking about for the sake of having a conversation they were interested in and they deliberately shot me down. And in a very panicked ‘no-don’t-tell-her(me)-anything’ way. Man, I’m not even digging into your case. If you think just because I casually express how and what I like and don’t like in guys with you doesn’t mean I’m malandi (a flirt). I haven’t been flirting with anyone and I’ve no intention of flirting with any guy right now. And it seems to me that you’re hiding all that info from me because of all the wrong reasons you think of me. I may be loud and noisy and very bubbly but I do not humiliate people in front of those he loves (well, like for this matter).

I have no intention of digging into whoever is behind your codes and such but if you once again deliberately perk up my curiosity like you did for the past two times, I swear what you heard from me a while ago would be nothing compared to what you’ll be hearing from me. I’ve been playing polite college friend right now and your not returning the favor. If you want to keep a topic away from me, don’t talk about it in front of me or at least when I’m within earshot beause for all I know,  you’re being downright rude with me. It’s bad enough that your doing this to me and it’s worse that your tagging your posse along with your hideous act.

A little maturity here. I’m trying my best as is. I’m not even naming you.

’til then.


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