‘Sitting’ Praises

It has occurred to me to finally write this topic that has been floating up my head since last Sunday.

Well, last Sunday, I went to church here at our village’s chapel. It’s been a long time since I went to mass in that chapel. Anyway, we were, well, I was, singing Gloria when I saw everybody SIT down. I was shocked. You’re singing Gloria while sitting down? Talk about singing praises while sitting. That was… stupid.

Well, I had to sit down, too, reluctantly that is. Then being so puzzled by this chapel’s practice, I had to stop singing to ask my yaya if they did this often. She said that this was what they did here. I was like, ‘really now?’ and I asked her, ‘is the priest okay with all this?’ she even replied,’he’s the one making us sit.’ now that’s one hell of a priest.

Now, I’m not one to lash out on a priest more so that I’m a Catholic and it’s like unwritten law to not bitch about them. But this is absurd. You’re singing praise while you’re sitting. Might as well go home and watch mass on TV if sitting is what we would do even if we must stand. Talk about encouraging us to be indolent.

It makes me question if all the sermons about giving your whole heart for an hour in participating actively at mass which, supposedly is for the Lord, is all shit. You guys say one thing and then you make us do another. I can forgive some of you for being boring and poor at communicating in correct English and not even trying to deliver it in Filipino instead, but defeating the purpose of a praise by sitting? Oh, that’s one of the things that makes me start to doubt you. What we mostly have to do in mass is sit, listen and reflect. And the only time when we can ‘sing’ our gratitude out loud, you make us sit? That’s bull.

And this, brings me to think about the RH Bill issue. But that’s another story yet to tell.


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