I’m Paid to Study!

Well, that’s what I like to think of it. Apparently, being a Book Prize Awardee isn’t only about receiving certificates and shaking hands with the CEOs.

Last Monday, Globe-Singtel texted me once again. They told me to visit the SFA Office of school to sign some papers and get my own copy of the letter from Globe’s CEO, Mr. Ernest Cu. Well, to sum what it all said, I was receiving money at the end of each academic year if I keep my GPA above 3.0 and if I get a CGPA of 3.4, I get to receive extra dough.

Now, it sounds like every student’s dream come true, which somewhat is, but the catch is tough. I mean, if my life revolved around solely studying without any plans to join any extra-curricular just to earn some cash, then I might as well be Ebenezer Scrooge. But no, I have plans to be active next term and I want to maintain my grades at the same time plus the fact that I want to have a life.

It’s just an incentive, I know. But I want to keep in mind that I want to be an achiever for all the right reasons. Well, not all but for the most part ;). And I don’t want to sound cocky, and I’m trying my best not to assume or expect but I smell job security in the future!

And no, I’m not disclosing how much it really is. 🙂



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