And the Book Award goes to…

Yours truly. But seriously, I really thought that when they said that they were giving me a book prize, I thought that they were going to give me money. 🙂 Guess not.

Anyway, today was a blast. I practically went to school to attend only one out of the three classes I was scheduled to have today because after my first class, I had to rush to Mandaluyong for Singtel’s awarding ceremony at the Globe Telecom Plaza. They awarded me a certificate along with Gino. Meanwhile, Francis and Hans were awarded the full scholarship (allowance included haha!) by Singtel. Congratulations to them. They definitely deserve it!

So I was basically shaking hands with alot of ‘big’ people like Mr. Ernest Cu, the President and CEO of Globe Telecom; Mr. Hui, CEO International of Singtel; Dr. Pag-asa Gaspillo, Dean of the College of Engineering (my dean ;)) and so many others whom I’ve been very rude to because I’ve forgotten their names.

Had quick lunch after and at around 1, mom and I went zooming off after excusing ourselves from our table and shaking more hands before leaving. I arrived at school 45 minutes later, way past late. I was practically absent, but I sort of redeemed myself for I tried participating on the last half of the class and the prof sure knows my name already.

After the class, I went Laurice and Justin and we passed our written reports for SOCTEC and we caught up on the happenings while having merienda at ANIMO. Went to makati after to fetch mom and we ate at Bob’s!

Great day!



Happy to hear your take on this

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