Out of words?

For once, I actually don’t know what to say.

Well, there are these times when you forget what you say ’cause your too nervous, or someone beat you to what you were supposed to say and everything just flew out of the window but there really are these times when you can’t think of anything to say on a certain subject matter.

I have this assignment that I have to pass for my sociology for engineering students class, which we all call SOCTEC. I’m supposed to write what I’ve learned from interviewing knowledge producers, commonly known as fortune tellers. Truth be told, I just learned that my future was supposedly bright. However, I totally have no idea how they came to that conclusion. Some of them wouldn’t even give me straight answers. Now that, for me, is a little bit questionable.

If I would be totally frank in that reflection paper, I’d be telling them how fun it was getting there but how disappointing it was when it came to finding out what was hidden beneath the heavy make-up, tacky costume, and crinkled tarot cards. 😐 I’m sure that those fortune tellers weren’t telling us something.

So much for that.



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