Holy Entertainment

Hit the jackpot yesterday with Rev. Fr. Barney (not his real name) leading the mass. As usual, the sermon was a poorly translated piece that was poorly delivered. It was like listening to an audio version of Google Translate. Wasn’t surprised that most of the people attending allowed themselves to be lulled by his funny grammar and serious tone.

Everybody was caught off guard, though. At the last part of the homily, he started his sermon in adlib english about people texting during mass which was really entertaining. Listening for too long would make my brain go haywire! Such a shame that it didn’t seem much like a striking and heartfelt homily.

I pity the kid in front of me, he must have thought I was crazy, grinning when everybody was so damn serious.

Well, that’s a rare kind of entertainment. Holy entertainment.


Happy to hear your take on this

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