Breaks and Gowns

Ah! Finally, a break from all that video making. I’ve been really busy finishing a job whose deadline is way past but I haven’t heard from my employer yet so I’ll just keep going. 🙂 Take it slow ’cause I have other things to do.

Anyway, last weekend was fun! From my first lab experiment, I went straight to mom’s office so we could go to the airport together. Our flight was delayed for more than half an hour, something that always happens on later flights, which is lame and unprofessional however angle I look at it. So we did arrive at Bacolod a little late and tired. So Friday wasn’t much of something.

Saturday was chill. We went to Kabankalan to visit some cousins and family friends. It was Sinulog there but not yet the highlight – it was on the next day. Anyway, I had fun and I enjoyed meeting new people there. 🙂

We had dinner at Aida’s. Tita Neng’s treat. I totally missed the taste of chicken inasal. 🙂 heaven! After dinner, we stopped by lola’s house and I got a sneak peak at Manang Ysa’s gown for her debut on the next evening.

Mediodia Family photo from M.Ysa's FB account

The party was simple. Fun. Though I didn’t get the chance to dance the night away. I had a flight early the next morning and mom wanted a little shut eye so we went home after the program ended. It was a good way to spend the weekend despite the work that I left unfinished. Haha!

Now that I look at that picture, I do rock in that gown! 😀 Well, we all do. Good to dress pretty once in a while. It’s gonna be debut season this year. I don’t know what’s in store this coming year but I hope it turns out well.

Time to go back to work.



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