2010 Year End Web Post

Cheers! Cheers to a prosperous new year!

2010 was a blast.

Bertigo Awarding


I joined Ateneo Matanglawin’s Bertigo Essay Contest and won 1st place. Unexpected. But the trip going there was the fun part. 🙂

See! Well, that was after the awarding. G-Mart wouldn’t let us leave Ateneo without taking a picture. And there we were, making funny faces as graduation was coming near.


After the tiring graduation and baccalaureate practices, where we wore high heels all day and absorbed the midday heat in the gymnasium, we were pretty much out of our minds after graduation proper.


In a while, some were already picking on the backdrop and throwing it in middair. Yeah, that’s what you do when you know your teachers won’t hold your grades against you anymore. Haha!


Summer passed well enough and school season was coming in… again. But it wasn’t in Seton anymore.

Yes, EN Superblock! You, guys (and girls), made my first two terms in La Salle wonderful. I do hope we still become classmates in our future classes! First term was grueling. Everybody was so awkward with each other the first few weeks that when I look back at it right now, it all seemed so funny. Second term passed gracefully for me. Loving Calculus paid off. 🙂

Not in Picture: Roselyn and Darcey


I met new friends that I think I could keep for a long time if not for all time.


The trip to Bacolod was something I was looking forward to the week before Term break. It was kind of a shocker for me because I wasn’t as much of a glutton as I was everytime I went home there. More so that I barely touched Dinuguan in the many times it has been served in every handaan and party.

The Cool Pants were from Ate Bunny!


Christmas has been eventful. I’ve grown more closer to my cousins than before, I appreciate the benefits of doing the laundry, and I spent my last night in Bacolod out clubbing (North, Flow, and Sibeeria) and drinking Tanduay Ice. I went home at 2 in the morning with my parents taking a whiff of my alcohol breath. As usual, I woke up itchy. Drank my anti-histamines but unfortunately, my allergy has not subsided completely.

New Year’s is gonna be silent this time around. Dad hasn’t bought any firecrackers to light up at midnight. So it’s gonna be food and movies… or sleep. Haha!


Now, I’m off to take my last bath for the year 2010! \m/



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