Called in sick and then nowhere to be found

Of all the things that people are capable of doing, what I hate the most is when people run away from their responsibilities. 😐

Just this afternoon, on my way home, I felt so disappointed for not achieving my goal grade in SOLIMEN. I got over it when I reached home but now I’m faced with a new frustration. How is it that when a deadline so major is tomorrow, then my research partner disappears? Technically, I am unaware of what happened to him. I just heard from some that he’s running a fever. Ok, I forgive. You’re sick. But that fact that he did not tell me as soon as possible nor even give me a heads up that he’d be away for the past two days is terribly pissing me off.

What’s more is that he’s not answering my texts. Ok so if you do not have load. I considered. I called. Still you did not answer. So now I’m forced to take your load. What the hell happened to teamwork? And then we more or less get the same grade because the first draft is pair work? Oh, why I’m…

*Pfft* I swear if I fail this course because of your damned fever….


Happy to hear your take on this

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