Met with the girls. :)

I met up with Mika at McDo after class because she came to taft today to visit us. Awww! πŸ˜‰ We talked too much today and it was refreshing, updating my best friend about the latest happenings. Inna, Abby and Penny came too. πŸ™‚

It also turned out to be a wake-up call for me. I’ve realized…that I’ve changed alot. I’ve become more open when it comes to me feelings. It’s as if my ‘big brick wall’ isn’t brick anymore. Realizing this make me conscious. I was standing inside the bus, on my way home, and I was facing the glass windows to find myself staring at a distorted image of myself. Everytime I pulled my chin up, I’d find my nose to grow longer, greedier, cold. It felt as if the glass was giving me an image of what I will be if I would have continued being closed with the people around me. In fact, I’m taking what I’ve seen as a sign. Call me superstitious or whatever, but I really have a strong feeling that what I have seen would be quite useful in the near future.

I have so much to do this weekend! But I want to chill out at the same time. Ah, human desire.

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