Shaking Hands with the Big Bosses

If saying “Hi!” to a local celebrity in a mall made me giddy on the trip going home, shaking hands with the big bosses of Globe yesterday made me space out. And up until now, I can’t believe I met with the people who make things happen in that company. It feels refreshing in a way that someone like me had the opportunity of meeting them just because I applied for a scholarship sponsored by their partner company in Singapore, Singtel. It’s almost as if I’ve met the queen.

Superficials aside, I really do hope that things turn out well after the interview yesterday. Part of me really wants that scholarship because of the job opportunity after the program itself, while the other part of me is trying hard not to expect anything at all. It’s hard to think anxiously of all the possibilities that could happen. It’d just make my head hurt. And I do not like that. I better think of plans on how to pass Calculus, Analytic Geometry and Solid Mensuration flawlessly, instead.

All I could say is that the experience was fun and memorable to a point that I’m really looking forward to working someday in a company with a multi-diverse culture. It really interests me when in all the diversity, people can still manage to cooperate and work together for a common goal. It amazes me, really.

Well, whatever happens, bring it on. I’ve made it through the interviews and the assessment and I survived a panel interview with them. The pastures I’m rolling over are getting vast. And my weekend is booked. HAHA!

Hello weekend!

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