I watched The Expendables


Jason Statham is just so HOT! Hahaha! He’s my Hollywood crush.Β  Talk about being ruggedly handsome. *grins*

Anyway, about the movie. I think this is Stallone’s best. I mean, from all the movies of him that I’ve seen. Which is, a few, ’cause I didn’t care to dig up the movies he’s done before I knew how a movie was watched. πŸ˜€ The plot was simple, the action was nice but what made it not like all those action movies that I slept through was the humor. A little comedy mixed in all that action makes it nice. A little breather from all that man hunting. πŸ˜‰ They made Jet Li act like a kid there.”… I do more work than they do because I’m small. You should pay me more.” :))

Made my night.

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