I did have my hair cut. :)

Nothing beats the power of the Law of Attraction. I got what I wanted and now my head feels lighter. 🙂 The ‘rents kept dropping hints of dislike of having my hair cut because it’ll go all messy and frizzy again. Don’t care. 🙂 I want it that way. I miss my natural mess of a hair.

Mom’s sick right now, and I’m here at home with her. The other day, it was my brother who was sick. The flu these days. Tsk.Good thing that it’s term break ’cause if ever I catch their cold (which I pray do not), I won’t be missing any classes.

Speaking of classes, I’m still waiting for my grades to show up at my MyLaSalle account. I gotta 4.0 in TREDONE! Yeah, man! I love it. However, the suspense is killing me. I want to know what I got for Trigonometry. Hahaha.

Made me remember, I really need to start reviewing for Calculus. Don’t want to miss the chance of earning a 4.0 in that area. I really wanna wanna ace my math subjects! 😉

Ciao! 😀


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