If I could just…start.

I am so lazy to start working on my FILKOMU reaction paper more so finish the three plates left in GRAPONE. I feel kinda shitty today seeing that it rained and I don’t like it especially when I have to commute.

I have more papers due and my laziness is kicking in. Probably because I’m really sleepy and I’m trying my best to make a presentable post out of this. Damn, four hours of break tomorrow. What am I to do? Hmm… Study! Yeah, I better study for my quiz in Algebra this Thursday. Then I might as well insert a little FILKOMU reaction paper draft here or there.

Seriously though, GRAPONE is killing me. I hear the other block had a quiz today. I just hope we don’t have one tomorrow. I don’t understand a single lesson especially the most recent ones- perspectives and development. Well, yeah, how the hell would I understand if all I hear is ‘ganyan, ganito’ if not just a mere note on the board telling the block to pass the plate today.

If ever there would be a quiz tomorrow on GRAPONE, reader, I hope you pray for me! 😀 Please.

So yeah, another of college’s hell days coming up!


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