Sunday Workday

I am totally drained right now. I practically spent the day catching up with homework and requirements. So far, I’ve covered only 2 subjects – TREDONE and GRAPONE. Drafting really sucks ass. God, I consumed almost five hours in just one plate. It was a good thing that the second plate I made for the day was way easy that I finished it within an hour. My head really hurts right now but I  still have ENGLCOM to do. Once I’m done with the two Drafts, I’d be down with the 3 plates I owe Harrific, the other TREDONE Journals I haven’t yet written, the PERSEF written report, FILKOMU Reaction paper, and I have to insert review time for ALGEBRA. So I’m technically a drone right now.

It’s kinda ironic when I think about it ‘coz they say that Sunday is rest day and I sat all day long working for subjects that don’t even reach 3 units. 😐 I don’t think I’d be having a free weekend for the next three weeks. So yay me! *Note the dripping sarcasm. 🙂

Tomorrow’s gonna be a blessing somehow. No TREDONE and FWSPORT tomorrow so I can spend the time working again. However, I’m coming home late because I think we’re having a 30-minute ENGALG class from 6 pm. So, bummer. And I have to get up extra early on Tuesday because we have to submit the compilation of plates. I currently don’t have mine with me right now because somebody borrowed it. I just hope he returns it tomorrow. I texted and got no reply. Seriously, if anything happens to my plates, I’m going ballistic. I don’t want my sweat and blood to go wasted. 🙂

So yeah, I basically ranting about work even though I really don’t have a say on it because I still have to do it. But yeah, it still sucks and I’m already sleepy. And I need another bath. Hahahaha! 😉


Happy to hear your take on this

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