Post 101

Scanned my Dashboard to find out that I’ve already hit the 100 mark in blog posts. Awesome! 😀

Anyway, I’m currently leeching off of SM’s Free WiFi because there isn’t any internet at home. Effing Typhoon knocked the antenna off the roof and noone can get up there since it’s too high.I’m currently at the Food Court shooting envious looks at people chugging down their Cokes and devouring their sizzling meals. Yeah, I’m hungry and I’m waiting for mom to finish running errands here in the Mall which includes complaining at SmartBro, having our photos printed (and I think this also includes mom getting all worked-up with enlightening the staff on quality customer service. Haha), and buying some household supplies and stuff.

I have alot due next week and I’m practically booked this weekend. I have NSTP tomorrow and I think there’s this group homework that I have utterly no idea what we’re supposed to do. And then there’s a Fun Run in Taguig. Yeah, all Engineering Freshmen are required to join. Oh God, the joy. 😐 Yeah, I’m running with no practice nor exercise whatsoever.Then, I have to fit into my schedule my parish service hours for Tredone. I have 4 hours to go and all this unexpected events are killing my pre-planned sched! I’m supposed to be in La Salle today for the Frosh Cup volleyball game but I begged off this week just so I could finish even half of what I’m supposed to do. Yeah, and I have to come with mom to fetch my bro in Canlubang.

So it’s another working weekend for me. Once again. The joy. 😐


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