Lesson: If High School has hell WEEK, College has HELL DAY.

Today, we were scheduled for a report in PERSEF, a quiz in ENGALG and midterms for FILKOMU. Talk about hectic. I spent most of my free time eating then studying. PERSEF was a bit of a blessing though because we didn’t report yet so we’ve got another week to make the presentation better.

I wasn’t happy with my performance in the ENGALG quiz and I’m not expecting a good grade either. It’s kinda stressful ‘coz it’s a major. Well, it’s one of the subjects with most unit weight. Damn. But FILKOMU was more like a quiz rather than a midterm and I’m glad about it. I just hope I remain glad when I find out what my grade is. ENGLCOM served as a breather today. Kinda nice, having to laugh the stress off a little. There were some off moments when Ma’am got irritated with our snickering and chatting. But besides that, it was cool.

I met Jomar in the canteen up at SPS. He sure had to insert a joke before we parted. Tsk. Hahaha.=)) Met Francis at McDo after ENGLCOM. Talked about ALG and GRAPONE while falling in line.

Yeah, so Hell Day has ended but there’s still Purgatory weekend. I still have a ton of stuff to finish and 6 hours of church service to finish. Damn.



Happy to hear your take on this

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