Misleading… it sucks.

Tonight’s one of these nights when I go to my room and reflect what the hell did I do wrong for dad to act that -ugh- way. It’s weird really ‘coz one day he’s cool to be with and the family’s having a great laugh and in the next, he’s all grouchy and whiny that it really gets into my hair.

I think it started out this afternoon when the three of us went out to check the route to Aguinaldo Highway. You know, checking out other options in my route going home from school. Then when he finds out where and what we’re actually doing, he goes ballistic, outside the house with alot of people passing by the house. Kinda awkward. But the three of us still went out.

Then during dinner time, he goes all silent. And it sucks. What happened to the good laughs we were having during breakfast? And then just a while ago, I was trying on this Tuque cap I bought from Baguio. Then I went to their room to check out what was happening since mom harbored the laptop. And then he stares at me as if I’m some freak of the sort. It’s as if he wants me to regret buying the cap. *Sigh*

When I thought women were the Hot and Cold ones. Whatever. Better suck it up.


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