Is it me or am I just…shy?

It’s really a wonder to me how people could easily post who they’re really like so easily in Facebook. Well, I was surfing through my account and I stumbled across some of my friends’ accounts – no, I’m not a stalker – and I noticed how easy it was for them to tell the whole world what they’re like, as a person. Yeah, then I went to Fictionpress to check on any story updates from my favorite aspiring authors to find myself looking at their profiles once again. Well, I sure could say that their profiles are sure text heavy. Kinda distracted me for a while. But my point is that, they’re all so, you know, open.

I saw some who even disclose what they claim is their weirdest and shameful habit. And they still post it. But when it came to my profile and page, it was so plain and dull. I only placed one-liners in them just so my email would stop flooding of alerts that I should get my profile and bio straight. Well, when I think of it, I’m really not the type that reveals myself head-on. I remember during the first days of classes when I have to introduce myself to the teacher, I find it hard to give out some funky adjective that’d best express who I am. I mean, really, it’s hard.

When it all comes down, I really don’t give a damn with profile & bio pages. ‘Coz sooner or later, people will find out themselves who I really am. Pictures could speak a thousand words now, could they?


Happy to hear your take on this

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