I painted my nails Yellow.

Besides the fact that the next president of the Philippine’s trademark color is Yellow, I just felt like wearing something yellow for a change.

Anyway, I feel totally sore from the workout yesterday. My arms are acting dead that’s why I had a really hard time getting up this morning. As of now, I’m kinda waiting for the stud customer that came here yesterday. They wanted their female shih tzu get hit on by Chewy. Sorry, I don’t know how else I’m to put it. Hahaha!

Yeah, and then later in the afternoon, Rique’s having his guitar lessons so I must get the house ready for the other visitor. And the fact that I should wear a bra.

I get lazy to wear a bra when I’m at home and I don’t expect visitors so yesterday was a bit of a shocker. So I stayed inside the house on the most part that they were here. Good thing that they were all women. *Grins*


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