My second driving session… with Mom ;)

I had my second driving lesson today. It was fun! Better than the first one. I now can keep the car running without having it jerking off on first gear. The car I’m using for practice has a problem with the idle so I kinda have to mix the clutch and the gas properly so it wouldn’t jerk off while I’m on break or on first gear.

It felt nice driving. Hahaha! I asked mom on the first session why I couldn’t drive the diesel instead. She told me diesel is harder to mix. Asked her why I had to drive the Nissan. Told me that it was better to practice on a car that had some problems ‘coz it’d be easier to drive other cars in the future. Easier to mix and adapt. Told me that at least I drove a car without a break problem.

Well that kinda was my day. It’s still so hot and humid. Gave Stacy a trim.


Happy to hear your take on this

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